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At StuartWriting I write about life from a spiritual and practical perspective. You are likely to find ideas about faith, leadership, personal growth, poetry, very short stories, and more as you explore.

I am not a ‘seasoned’ or ‘professional blogger. I just love to write and this is my place to write.

How ‘StuartWriting’ works

All posts on StuartWriting have a ‘category’ assigned to them (life, leadership, 101joys, or faith). By choosing a category to read you can pick and choose what suits you. I hope that you will read all I write, but I also recognise that not everyone is interested in leadership, faith and life. Here’s what you can expect from each category:


Life is full of ups and downs; trials and triumphs. Today’s world is fast-changing and these changes bring much stress, anxiety and worry for many people. Whether it’s keeping up with technology, social media, your next door neighbour, or trying to make ends meet in a broken economy, we all struggle one way or another; we all get stuck; we are all looking for answers.

I hope that some of what I write will give you ideas, strategies, and even answers to some of the issues you face in your life.

Within this category you will also find some 101JOYS articles particularly related to growing joy in life. I aim to write 101 articles on the subject of joy over time. See below…


In a fast-changing world there is a real need for leaders to rise to the challenge of leading others through change processes. I believe that leadership in the 21st century needs to be grounded in integrity of character, excellence in competency and learning to increase capacity.

I hope that some of my reflections on Leadership will inspire you to take a stand for styles and attributes of leadership that others will have confidence following.


There is more to this world than what we see.

Can we see the wind that blows the trees? No.

Can we see the emotions that cause two people to fall in love? No.

But we can see how these things are manifest in the physical world. I believe the same is true for spirituality and faith: they are vital to living a balanced life in today’s world, and they can add so much value to ourselves and to those with whom we journey through life.


This is my favourite categoryI am writing about everyday things that contribute to having and living a joy-filled life even when life hurts. I believe joy can spring upon us like the sunrise after the night.