Partnership & perseverance move mountains (or fridges!)

The fridge stood in the middle of the room where the delivery guy had left it. It was huge! I unfortunately am not huge. How on earth would I move this fridge?

We’ve all had days like this: days when there’s something in our lives that appear to be immovable. It might be a big white fridge, a debt, or a housing issue. We each have our own ‘barriers to progression’ or ‘monsters to fight’. We all have complex issues facing us in our workplace or in our business. Life can be full of the immovable!

But back to the fridge…

So my fridge was intimidatingly large standing there in the middle of the room. I decided to start trying to move it. Sometimes you just need to make a start.

Sometimes you just need to make a start!

I pushed and pulled; I rocked it and tried to walk it… and I began to move it! Making a start on something is always the first step to moving the problem. But I got tired. My muscles ached. My hands got sore. My mind began telling me I couldn’t shift it. I needed help!

Sometimes you just need to ask for help!

I asked for help. A friend came round and moving the big white fridge became easier. I still felt the weight of it, but it became manageable and movable.

But what if we hadn’t been able to move the fridge? We couldn’t just leave it in the middle of the room. We would have kept on trying until that fridge was moved, plugged in, and working as it was designed to work. We would have persevered!

Sometimes you just need to persevere!

We all have the metaphorical fridge in the middle of the room. Who can you help today to move theirs?


When Relationships Collide

Relationships can be so difficult at times. We often view this as a negative, but should this always be the case? – I believe not.

When a relationship is beginning it is fresh, new and exciting. We are caught up in a marvellous, emotional, biological and experiential frenzy which releases happiness within us (I’m sure someone out there can explain this in brilliantly scientific terminology so I will not try to do so). Most people will look back on previous relationships and value the early days more than the latter.

The more comfortable we become in our relationships, the more we allow our deepest character to come out. It becomes clear to us that our partner is not perfect, and they are also aware that we are not the picture of perfection we have presented. This can often be make or break for relationships. The sad thing is that often it is break.

The positive aspect of this part of a relationship is that it is where genuine acceptance, authentic relationship, and deeper trust are formed.

Character is crafted in the crucible of pain – Anon

These are (obviously) essential to a lasting relationship. Conflict and collision create depth in our relationships when we are willing to work through the collisions caused by our habits, personalities and perspectives.  Collision creates opportunities for us to really understand and relate to the other person.

Rather than seeing collision as a negative, use it to deepen your relationships.