What An Old Bloke Taught Me About Prayer

E M Bounds I was twenty years old when I first met Edward McKendree Bounds. It had been a quiet summer in Lerwick, and I often found myself with time to sit by the sea watching the waves crash on the rocks only a few meters from where I sat. I would sit for ages … Continue reading What An Old Bloke Taught Me About Prayer

I awake today – a declaration of faith

I awake today to a new reality Knowing that the completed totality Of my life is restoration At the hands of the God of my salvation As I open my eyes to Christ the son Knowing that he’s the only one Powerful to gracefully restore me And heal my broken history. I awake today to … Continue reading I awake today – a declaration of faith

Stillness is the key

I’ve recently been taking time to just “be still”. Our world has become a noisy, chaotic place where it can be difficult to find peace and quiet. StuartWriting| Stillness is the key Stillness refocuses our attention and our hearts towards what really matters to us. When we take time to be still our minds wander … Continue reading Stillness is the key

Ancient prayers and renewed thoughts

I came across this Franciscan Prayer on a memory stick when looking for some research notes - it struck me that sometimes ancient words have the power to create new thoughts within us. With all the pain in the world at the moment words of encouragement, hope and inspiration are medicine for our souls.  I … Continue reading Ancient prayers and renewed thoughts

Praxis 1: PRAYER

Prayer is an inspiring and a confusing activity! It’s the very thing that keeps us connected to God, yet it’s one of the most important practices we can be involved in. Prayer is all about our relationship with God which requires practice and perseverance. It’s also what brings the personal into personal relationship. If you’ve ever … Continue reading Praxis 1: PRAYER