Faith moves mountains 🏔


Have faith in God.

Have faith in yourself.

God has faith in you.

Ever thought that?

Never thought that?

Thought worth thinking, that.

Believe for the best.

Believe you can do it.

You’ll get through it.

Trust in yourself.

Trust God’s help.

He’ll see you through.

Self care – the art of burning brightly

This morning I had the privilege of participating (gatecrashing!!) a Twitter conversation on the subject of ‘self care’. Too many of us care for others and neglect ourselves in the process. We end up tired, taken for granted, or at worst… burnt out!

We are not meant to burn out in the pursuit of supporting, teaching and blessing others – we are meant to burn on and burn brightly like twinkling stars lighting the way on a cold dark night.

During the conversation I came up with the following ‘loose’ idea of what self care might look like:




F:uel your soul

C:areful choices

A:rtistic expression

R:hythm of life

E:at healthy

What else could’ve been included in looking after ones’ self?

What does self care look like for you?

Do you look after your own self?

Why is self care important?

Put your own ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

There is so much new life in the darkness – so take heart

Life can be described in terms of shades: dark and light; black and white. We think of darkness as bad and light as good, yet God created darkness and light and said that it was all good. Even God Himself brooded in the darkness before the creation. Many of the most expressive and creative people in history have ‘dwelt in the darkness’ of creativity before their light has been shown to the world. Often great art comes through great pain and hardship. Childbirth is a painful experience for a woman, but that pain brings new life to the world – humanity is birthed in pain.

Whatever you are facing today, know that it might just be a pathway to something creative, new and special. In your darkness today may your thoughts, creativity and your life be drawn towards th light that is often at the end of the tunnel.

There is a darkness.


Brooding and bubbling.

It lies within me.


Active and living.

While all around


Disturbed and troubling.

Dances around us,


Restless and unforgiving.

But here inside


Warm and inviting

In this darkness


Radiant and warm

Shines my heart


Of love and joy

Reflecting glorious


As brightest star

Shining sparkling


In darkest night.

And then from


…blinding light.

Stretching arms out in Love


Is there beauty in death.
Is there life after final breathe?
Is there love in his sacrifice?
Can I really shamelessly lift up my eyes?

Can I worship jesus, the lamb who was slain?
Can I hear him from heaven calling my name?

I am the least, the last, and the lost.
Called out to follow whatever the cost.
To love God, neighbour, and enemy.
To stretch arms of love as he showed me.

Can I worship jesus, the lamb who was slain?
Can I hear him from heaven calling my name?

– Stuart McCormack