Can we have Certain faith in an uncertain world?

How can we ever know that the Gospel of Jesus and the words of the bible are really true? I mean, they were written thousands of years ago in a culture that is so different from ours – no phones, no bank accounts, no McDonalds! It was orally passed down before it was written down!Continue reading “Can we have Certain faith in an uncertain world?”

Gospel-Centred Discipleship Communities and the death of the lone ranger

In our present culture there is huge emphasis upon the individual.  The post-modern mantra of “that’s good for you, but I’ll find my own truth” pervades every corner of our lives.  It also has impacted and informed current day discipleship processes.  Discipleship has become a process that is done to us – we attend aContinue reading “Gospel-Centred Discipleship Communities and the death of the lone ranger”

Tears of the Saints: Why it is essential every Christian is involved in Mission

This is an updated version of a video made a few years ago. It highlights facts about the world today and highlights the importance of:

Going in mission

Praying for Mission

Being Disciples who make disciples

5 Reasons why Christian Mission is Essential to the World

Christian mission differs from every other mission because it takes the person of Jesus into all the world. Christian mission is essential to the world. There are many reasons why we need to be involved in Christian mission. Here are but a few example reasons. Feel free to add more in the comments below

Leadership and the Gospel

I have been around churches for 38 years at the time of writing. I have experienced many churches, faith groups and forms of Christian community. Some have been positive and a true source of blessing; some negative and abusive; some neutral and nice. But one thing they all have in common is that they areContinue reading “Leadership and the Gospel”