God raises a shield over you

Today’s’ repost is a very short encouragement regarding God’s view of you. I originally wrote this over four years ago, and having gone through the furnace of life in the past few years, I know that these words still hold true. God is there for you whatever you’re going through. We often view God as … Continue reading God raises a shield over you

You are Stronger

I don’t know about you, but I need to remind myself of this often these days. You are not defined by your past, your errors, or your perception of yourself, or by how other people see you. Let yourself be defined by Gods view of you: you are loved unconditionally and are created to be … Continue reading You are Stronger

What An Old Bloke Taught Me About Prayer

E M Bounds I was twenty years old when I first met Edward McKendree Bounds. It had been a quiet summer in Lerwick, and I often found myself with time to sit by the sea watching the waves crash on the rocks only a few meters from where I sat. I would sit for ages … Continue reading What An Old Bloke Taught Me About Prayer

Keep hope alive

Purple irises I’ve come to love Irises - the purple iris is meant to symbolise hope. I keep reminding myself to hold on to hope - it’s important to have hope. There is nothing as sad as a hope-less person. We need hope to survive and thrive. In his wonderful book, “Man’s Search For Meaning”, … Continue reading Keep hope alive

Just reach out and touch – a story of transformation

“If I can just touch His cloak” The sneaky woman slunk through the crowds, fear pressing in on her heart, pushing her forward and pulling her back. “If I can just touch”. Simple words of faith bringing years of pain, suffering, isolation and rejection into the sphere of Jesus’ love grace and mercy.  Someone has … Continue reading Just reach out and touch – a story of transformation

Prodigal Justice Incarnated as Love

Have you ever just wanted to run away? Have you ever felt so stressed, unhappy, depressed, scared, out of your depth, restless, bored, or just like you want to walk away from everything? I’ve felt like that a number of times, and I think it’s a pretty normal response to life when we are under … Continue reading Prodigal Justice Incarnated as Love

Pass through and keep pursuing the one thing

Not every day or week or month or even year is a good one. Some days we feel like the little boat below - washed up; stuck in the mud; in need of some care. Storms pass and things get better - Someone reminded me of that this morning. Things do get better: Struggles become … Continue reading Pass through and keep pursuing the one thing

What in the world is going on?

Politics in the UK is awash with discord, dissention, and disgusting hypocrisy at leadership level. The world is awash with fear surrounding Covid as omicron reportedly runs rampant while politicians and scientists attempt to help nations cope. Pity they are not also working to alleviate fears. As Christmas approaches many are still homeless, hopeless, or … Continue reading What in the world is going on?

Too stressed to adore Him

Rich and poor came to adore Him O COME LET US ADORE HIM. It’s almost three weeks till Christmas Day. Family excitement levels will be rising (financial and relational pressures might be too) as each day passes. We all get busier as the day approaches ,or even looms for some). Faster, busier, louder, stressier. And … Continue reading Too stressed to adore Him