Creativity doesn’t need to be messy

I came across the above image a few weeks ago. Every time I see it I think “that mind looks like it’s releasing chaos”. We are all wired differently: some of us require structured ways of being, while others thrive on the oceans of chaos. We tend to believe that creatives are on the chaoticContinue reading “Creativity doesn’t need to be messy”

Are you a city on a hill or a spooky castle?: Thoughts on discipleship and leadership

I was listening to the EntreLeader Podcast recently as I drove to work. The presenter described the interviewee as ‘a city on a hill’. I loved that description and was struck by the thought that Christ-centred people are called to be cities on a hill. And then I thought… …AM I A CITY ON A HILL?Continue reading “Are you a city on a hill or a spooky castle?: Thoughts on discipleship and leadership”

What is a follower of Jesus?

As I read the early chapters of the Gospels, I see Jesus speaking the same command to almost everyone he meets: follow me! For decades Christians have understood this to mean “say a prayer of repentance and commitment to Jesus, attend church regularly, and live a generally good life”.  There is a problem with this. JesusContinue reading “What is a follower of Jesus?”

Disciples of Jesus L.A.S.T.

Following Jesus is HARD work! If you’ve been on the road with Jesus for a while you know I’m telling the truth, and if you’re just starting out… Don’t worry, it’s worth it 🙂 I have seen many friends (and some family too) starting out with Jesus and giving up when the going got tough.Continue reading “Disciples of Jesus L.A.S.T.”

The prosperity message is not the gospel truth

I don’t make it my habit to speak out about negative teaching but this week I found myself in a dialogue regarding the teaching of so-called ‘Christian’ prosperity teachers. I was deeply troubled by how this stream of faith distorts and uses scriptures to manipulate, control and exploit people into providing financial support for ministriesContinue reading “The prosperity message is not the gospel truth”

Gospel-Centred Discipleship Communities and the death of the lone ranger

In our present culture there is huge emphasis upon the individual.  The post-modern mantra of “that’s good for you, but I’ll find my own truth” pervades every corner of our lives.  It also has impacted and informed current day discipleship processes.  Discipleship has become a process that is done to us – we attend aContinue reading “Gospel-Centred Discipleship Communities and the death of the lone ranger”

Introduction to the 7 key themes Jesus taught and lived

In the Gospels Jesus teaches and illustrates how to make disciples not just theologically, but practically too. These seven practices highlight the majority of what Jesus taught in the Gospels. We believe that when followers of Jesus simply learn and apply what Jesus taught, they are more effective disciples, missionaries and Gospel-carriers. When we areContinue reading “Introduction to the 7 key themes Jesus taught and lived”

Praxis 1: PRAYER

Prayer is an inspiring and a confusing activity! It’s the very thing that keeps us connected to God, yet it’s one of the most important practices we can be involved in. Prayer is all about our relationship with God which requires practice and perseverance. It’s also what brings the personal into personal relationship. If you’ve everContinue reading “Praxis 1: PRAYER”

Rediscover Wonder with Rob Bell and walk upon the Oceans

I was speaking with a friend on the phone today and he asks how I’m doing. I answer with the usual cliches and responses and then I stop. I stop and say “I’m struggling to hear God these days – I have for a while”. And I don’t expect my friend to judge me andContinue reading “Rediscover Wonder with Rob Bell and walk upon the Oceans”

Tears of the Saints: Why it is essential every Christian is involved in Mission

This is an updated version of a video made a few years ago. It highlights facts about the world today and highlights the importance of:

Going in mission

Praying for Mission

Being Disciples who make disciples