101Joys, Life

011 Shine: Handling your Critics

No person in American history was so respected and yet so hated as Abraham Lincoln. Thousands opposed him in his views on war and slavery, as well as his attempts to keep America united. One day a friend pulled Lincoln aside and told him that his critics were speaking so negatively about him. Lincoln responded,… Continue reading 011 Shine: Handling your Critics


010 Celebration is such a joy

Celebration is such a positive sounding word, don’t you think? For me it evokes memories of great days out; key days in the annual calendar such as Easter, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, etc. It evokes positive thoughts and that residual joy begins to bubble up a bit within my soul. I recently celebrated my 17th… Continue reading 010 Celebration is such a joy


009 You were made to be creative

Have you ever just looked around you and seen the immense amount of creativity there is in the world? From art to architecture; dance to design technology; fiction to flower arranging – there is creativity everywhere. Why is it that humanity has pushed the boundaries of creativity and artistic expression? It is simply that we… Continue reading 009 You were made to be creative