The search for joy can be hard

I caught my wife studying hard last week. She was caught up in the world of concentration seeking information and studying to apply it to heart and mind.

Hard work can be full of great joy

So I captured the moment. Why? Because I wanted to remind myself that chasing dreams, or joy, or goals always involves hard work. Wishful thinking does not lead to a happier or more fulfilling life. Hard work does.

If you have an illuminating ‘lightbulb’ idea you will need to (like Thomas Edison) try over and over and over again to get there or to make it work. Achievement can look more like failure than success (and that’s okay) because success needs some failures to make it work.

In hard work we learn lessons, make headway, and learn that the joy is in the journey. In completing my MA in leadership I felt blessed more by what I learned I that two years than by the achievement itself. I grew as a person. I loved the learning. I developed perseverance and deeper resilience.

If life is hard work right now… do not despair. The learning and the joy is in the work you are doing. Keep on keeping on.

And enjoy the journey 👣