Are You Called To Ministry?

I once had to answer this question as part of a ‘ministry review’ for a current ministry ‘position’. I’m uncomfortable with the baggage of this question because it tends to mean “Are you called to a paid church position of leadership?”.

It comes at a time when I’m really challenged about Missional Leadership in a secular environment rather than ministry leadership in a Church.Yes, I am called to ministry! Isn’t every follower of Jesus?!

I have become tired of being paid to do what’s expected. Ministry is something we are all called to – Luther might have called it The priesthood of all believers (it does include paid work, but is not exclusively so). I’ve always believed in the biblical basis for this doctrine (not many would disagree in theory, but Christians seem to value the paid roles of pastors, ministers, priests, vicars, curates, etc.) and long to see every follower of Jesus actively and intentionally involved in the Mission of God.

I love that my emphasis in ministry thus far has been to equip young people for missional living, but you know what? – I don’t need paid to do it. Over the past 10 years I have tried to live my faith outside the Church. Faith is not for a Church building, and it should not be expressed only in Christian company. I am proud to call myself a Christian and a follower of Jesus: I aim to be compassionate, caring, patient, kind, etc. Sometimes I fail! Sometimes I do okay. I am happy to talk about my faith with people, but more importantly, I want Jesus to be seen in my lifestyle – this is truly living for Jesus to honour God and people – to love God and love people.

May every member of Christ’s glorious. broken Church arise to follow Jesus and be ministers of the gospel in and around the world (rather than in the Church compound!).

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