011 Shine: Handling your Critics

Abe lincoln

No person in American history was so respected and yet so hated as Abraham Lincoln. Thousands opposed him in his views on war and slavery, as well as his attempts to keep America united.

One day a friend pulled Lincoln aside and told him that his critics were speaking so negatively about him.

Lincoln responded, Every time there is a full moon dogs will bark and bark at the moon for as long as it is clearly visible in the sky.” 

Puzzled by Lincoln’s response, the friend asked, “What are you driving at? What’s the rest of the story?”

moon barking

Lincoln answered, “There is nothing more to tell. The moon keeps right on shining.”

There are always ‘dogs barking’ around us.

There are always the voices of negativity around us, as well as the negative voices looping their insidious messages in our minds.

We can listen to them and allow our lives, our vision and our hearts to grow dark…

…or we can choose to keep on shining.

Whatever you are going through today, please do not give up – you were truly made to let your light shine.

light shine

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