010 Celebration is such a joy

Celebration is such a positive sounding word, don’t you think? For me it evokes memories of great days out; key days in the annual calendar such as Easter, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries, etc. It evokes positive thoughts and that residual joy begins to bubble up a bit within my soul.

I recently celebrated my 17th Wedding Anniversary. Obviously I share it with my wife and we are excited to be celebrating this marker in our lives. The lead up to the day was filled with excitement as we considered how to celebrate. It caused us to reflect on our life together as we considered the highs and lows we have gone through together. Doing this is important because life can be harsh and it can knock the fight out of you. Look around today: how many people around you have given up on trying to live well? We don’t mean to give up. We don’t intend to rest on our laurels. We don’t ever plan to surrender our hopes and dreams to the harshness of the world. It just happens. Some would say that’s life! I would say it doesn’t have to be.

Celebrations give us an emotional and mental injection that is like steroids for our soul.

A celebration releases enough joy to spur us on and strengthen our resolve to keep on living well.

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place today? Think how far you have come already: remember how you have travelled this life in strength to this point – the fact that you are here is a testimony to that! You are stronger than you believe – believe that!

Celebrations are days when we realize we are not alone

On my anniversary I am with my wife. I am not alone. We are TOGETHER. We partner in life and walk through storms and celebrations together. Celebrations can also pull our wider network of friends and family together – these are the people who can help support us and who also help bring great joy to us. Our close network is there on the sidelines cheering us on and shouting with resounding confidence YOU CAN DO IT!!! Sometimes these amazing people jump into the arena of life with us and fight with us or for us – this is not a sign of weakness on our part – it is a sign of strength that we allow others to draw alongside is to make us stronger. We were not made to be independent – we were made to be interdependent (taking responsibility for our lives whilst working with others for our and their greater good).

TOGETHER is about team.

Team brings strength.

Strength builds resilience.

Resilience builds resolve.

Resolve inspires confidence.

Confidence causes us to stand tall.

Standing tall means we can walk strong.

Walking tall means you can fight life’s battles and dance life’s celebrations.

With the year now in full stride don’t use this time to fall apart at the seams: Use your time, space and relationships to recall where you have come from; the battles you have won; and the strength you have to fight and dance through life.

May we celebrate life’s brilliance with all the passion and joy of the setting sun so that we can rise strong every day with the rising sun.

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