008 Dance in the rain

Now I know what you’re thinking: how can rain bring joy?! 

I need to start by saying that (generally) I love rain and I think it gets bad press. When we think about rain we tend to think about dark clouds and cold days. Are we too negative in how we view the rain? What if we looked at rain with a gratitude attitude? What if rain is more of a blessing than we think?

Here are some of the reasons rain makes it into my #101joys list:

Without rain we would all die!

Now I know that seems  a bit dramatic, but even if I made it less dramatic it would still be true. Rain waters the world, feeding flowers, trees, fields of grain, animals and humans. In fact your body is about 50-75% water. Without water we cannot survive on this blue planet.

Without water we cannot survive on this blue planet

We depend on the rain – it is essential to our very existence.


Rain is fun!

I remember this time during my first year at college when there was an absolute downpour. I mean, the rain was coming down in sheets and bouncing back up to the skies. I was having coffee with a friend (Ellis) in the college common-room. We watched everyone running across the carpark like ants trying to escape the rain. I watched the rain: it was just gorgeous as the drops joined together together, driven by the wind, into beautiful shifting patterns across the ground.

Let’s go dance in the rain“, Ellis tempted.

Yes!”, I responded.

I should mention that I’d been really down in the dumps about being far from home. I was struggling financially. I was finding my studies difficult and I felt out of my academic depth. I wanted to go home. I wanted to escape. I wanted to quit.

dance in the rain

We went out into the drenched carpark and danced around in circles soaking up the rain. Most of the other students watching thought we were idiots. We felt alive. As the rain drenched us to the skin there was something beautifully spiritual about it. I felt more alive than I’d felt for a long time. As we danced and stood in the pouring rain all my worries about achievement, loss and anxiety were washed away and replaced with fun, happiness and unbridled joy. The joy I felt was so strong that today it is one of my strongest memories, and the residual joy is still felt as I remember it.

We’ve all heard the pithy phrase life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. I didn’t know that phrase previously, but I wish I did. It is a statement about finding joy in the storm.

There is always something to complain about. There’s always loss, pain and tribulation of some kind. There’s always something to get us down. But there is also so much joy in our world. It can be found in nature. It can be found in our relationships. It can be found within you. It can be found in faith. It can be found in simply dancing, walking or even standing in the rain. It can be found sitting at the window with a fresh coffee watching the patterns of the rain drops driven by the creativity of the howling wind.

As you look around your world today may you find blessing in the refreshing rain and in the wildness of the wind. May you allow joy to arise deep within your soul until it breaks forth like sunshine upon your life.

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