007 Persevere

Have you ever started something new only to find that before long you feel like you just want to give up, stop, Quit?! We all have days like that.

Days when we feel the life has been sucked out of us.

Days when nothing goes right.

Days that become weeks; weeks that become months. Sometimes in life it rains, and when it rains it just seems to pour incessantly.

What do we do at times like these? What do we do when the rainy storms chase away the joyful sunshine in our lives?

strength to persevere

We persevere. We make an active choice that we will not stop; will not give up; will not give in. Believe it or not, persevering has a vital place in our lives:

We only really need to persevere when life is a struggle – perseverance is not required when life is going well.

I have found this as I have journeyed through life: I’ve had to work hard at relationships when they have been strained; I’ve gone through organisational restructure at work, and reapplied for my job (thankfully, with success); I’ve had to work full time whilst studying a Masters and been physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted; I’ve had to overcome the residual effects of child abuse I was subjected to when I was young.

I have had to learn the art of persevering through life’s storms. What have I learned?

…I learned that sometimes you have to just keep on going. This is the nature of perseverance: we keep on keeping on despite the difficulties!

So how does perseverance help us?

When you persevere you find that you have more strength than you previously thought you had.

When you keep on going you develop mental toughness and strengthen your resilience.

Persevering makes you STRONGER, and that in itself is a great motivation for persevering.

Whatever you are going through today please do not lie down and give up: Choose to get up and keep on walking in the rain. You may find that the rain actually refreshes you and helps you to find purpose and fulfilment in life. Keep on keeping on – you can do it.

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