The prosperity message is not the gospel truth

I don’t make it my habit to speak out about negative teaching but this week I found myself in a dialogue regarding the teaching of so-called ‘Christian’ prosperity teachers. I was deeply troubled by how this stream of faith distorts and uses scriptures to manipulate, control and exploit people into providing financial support for ministries with the promise of personal financial reward in return.

This is not a new topic – this issue has been part of the charismatic church for decades through preachers and televangelists like E W Kenyon, kenneth Hagan, the Copelands, creflo dollar, etc.

I have myself attended many services where the prosperity message has been ‘preached’ and witnessed the arrogance of some of these men strutting and shouting because thr offering was not big enough. I have myself been accused of having hidden sin or not enough faith simply because I had not seen answers to prayers for ‘more’. I have heard countless tales from people broken by this message, left feeling low in faith; broken by disappointment; scorned for hidden sins they never had.

This short video highlights some aspects of how heretical teaching from the prosperity movement can be and why we shiuld avoid it at all costs.

Any Christian preacher who tells you that you are a God has departed from the bible’s teaching that there is ONE God. This is one of the more blatent heresies and lies taught by preachers of this movement. Most of their teaching is a subtle distortion of bible truths.

As mature Christians we must preach Christ’s truths plainly, whilst highlighting the dangers of wrong teachings. Jesus himself regularly taught that his followers needed to be on the watch for wolves in sheep’s clothing, while adopting a posture of loving prayerfulness.

I pray that rather than being drawn to charismatic preachers we would be drawn afresh into the gloriousness of Jesus’ life, teaching, death and resurrection.


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